One of the better school-wide presentations we have had in a while, Mr. Pincince was able to connect with and relate to our entire student body as his topics were real and very relevant. The minute I saw him speak at the CIAC Sportsmanship conference, I immediately knew this was a necessity in getting him to The Gilbert School. The impact of Tom's presentation was felt on many different levels. The student response was amazing. One student-athlete wrote she "thought that the presentation was very eye opening. It made me really THINK about what's important, necessary, or worth to post. I will definitely set my phone aside when I'm angry, upset, etc. because that was great advice and can really help avoid conflicts." Another student wrote "the presentation last Thursday is super different because he admits social media is a good thing but just warns the dangers about it. Also the examples he uses are very relatable to what we see as student-athletes" In addition, the response from teachers, staff, parents and the administration was been overwhelmingly positive as this can be a real issue that we all deal with on a daily basis. My only hope now is that his very powerful message evolves with the ever-changing landscape of social media and the role it plays in our daily lives. Whether it is next year or a couple years from now, we hope to have Mr. Pincince back to The Gilbert School to educate us on the responsibilities we all share in the world of social media.

Patrick Cooke, Dean of Students, Director of Athletics - The Gilbert School
Tom Pincince

Tom speaking with students at Ledyard High School.

Ledyard High School had the pleasure of hosting Tom to speak with our 11th and 12th grade students. His passion for educating young people about making good decisions on social media is very clear and his presentation was relevant and extremely thought provoking. Tom uses real life examples and strategies to engage the audience and he was very direct with our students regarding the impact social media can have on their future. Tom controlled the room of 400 plus students in attendance who were visibly engaged in the presentation. In the days following Tom's visit, I had numerous parents and students express their appreciation for his presentation and indicated how important his message was. In today's world of social media, having Tom Pincince come and speak with our students was priceless. I look forward to having Tom back to Ledyard in the years to come.

James Buonocore, Ledyard High School - Assistant Principal and Athletics Director
Tom Pincince

Tom speaking with Notre Dame (Fairfield) students

It was a pleasure to have Tom Pincince present to our entire student body at Notre Dame-Fairfield. The topics he discussed were relevant to each student in the audience and the stories he shared were a good reality check about the potential impact "not THINKing" could have upon their future. We are thankful that Tom presented and shared an important message all teenagers need to hear. My hope is that they walked away hearing the message and will think twice before posting their next tweet.

Christopher Cipriano, Notre Dame (Fairfield) - Principal

Tom’s presentation to our Junior Class was effective because of Tom’s knowledge, direct approach, humor, and honesty. He doesn’t pretend to be an expert; instead he presents his personal experiences and wisdom in a non-preachy way that interests and engages teenagers. Tom’s message isn’t about staying off of social media-instead he leaves students thinking about responsibility and the impact of making good or bad decisions. We welcome him back to Ridgefield High School!

Stacey Gross, Ridgefield High School - Principal